SALON DES REFUSES - IS THIS PAGE OF "EXTRAS", older works, and "other" works,  currently not featured at the main gallery.     If you want to buy or inquire of these, just CONTACT - very reasonable or negotiable prices.  Not all of these are even available but similar can be done up to your preferences for the same low price , due to the "If it is offered....."   rule.  

The Story:  Salon des refuses is a famous and fun arts term that originated at the famous 1863 Annual Paris Exhibition.  It gave a name to the collection of  "overflow" from the main show - works  that did not quite make the top cut.    The wildly popular Impressionists were first featured there -  and "the castoffs became the capstones" indeed! 

 ALL of these are Elle Smith Fagan work.   None of them have been to Paris yet except online - going though.

MOST of these can be purchased in some form or other:    original, copy or  IMPRINTED on a wide range of items, full sized or miniature or mural.  

They cannot be click-to-buy.  But it is  easy to CONTACT to complete the  transaction.  In  20 years online, all transactions protected to ensure happy endings.