Art With Heart - feb 7


  • ART WITH HEART at Elle Fagan Art makes OUTRIGHT DONATIONS OF ARTWORK FOR YOUR FUNDRAISER, CHARITY OR CAUSE. I am lifelong arts, but also used to do response and compassionate and pioneer work and now, I donate art outright for full or part benefit.

  • Art With Heart does happy 50/50s with charitable events for top images, for a good cause - Contact for details.

  • Art With Heart helps you to own the painting you want here, AND help your favorite cause, as well.

  • How? I donate artworks outright to selected organizations. For all others the donation works like this: At time of purchase of art at this site: find the painting you like, then donate to your favorite charity and email a copy of the donation receipt. Amount of donation is deducted from your purchase : up to 50% ! Scroll down for more ways to make fine art work for the Seller, Buyer and the world's causes, as well.


PARTIAL LIST OF PAST RECIPIENTS OF ELLE FAGAN "ART WITH HEART" FUNDS-GENERATING DONATIONS:   Some of the recipients prefer anonymity, and some were lost in a data-hack at my old website (199-2014 RIP) I hope to find them among the rescued files and restore them here.  If you belong on this list and are not here, find me and let's fix it, with true gratitude for the opportunity to help with my art:

  • Connecticut Visiting Nurses

  • Hockanum Falls Restoration Art

  • Mark Twain House & Museum

  • Greater Hartford Arts Council

  • The American Red Cross - Hartford

  • The American Red Cross - New York City

  • Food for the Poor

  • Several Churches - list on request

  • Humane Society - award-winner

  • "Art With Heart" - a namesake group for family crisis help in North Carolina

  • Andrea Soter Simonson Ovarian Cancer Memorial Benefit

  • American Cancer Society

  • PLAN - Catholic response group

  • ... and maybe, YOU ? ~ Perhaps ~ if you'd like to be added to this list enjoying art manipulated to win for any good cause.

Some recipients are not mentioned here. I respect donor and recipient preference on this point.


  • Art With Heart to Gift - My art not to your taste? That is fine - If you buy one and "PASS IT ON" as gift or donation, you can deduct your purchase price at tax time.

  • Art With Heart to Keep or Share - use it to promote your cause, for events or when friends ask. Also, just to share and not deduct, makes a lovely holiday or anytime gift - especially small works - so easy to enjoy and/or pass on.

  • Art With Heart wants YOUR ideas of ways that ARTS CAN HELP ! Get in the spirit and find me.

  • Special: Elle Fagan Art With Heart helps create your fundraiser. So good to put together an event that helps. Ask me. If my schedule won't allow me to do it, I know others who can.

  • Art With Heart CREATES CUSTOM ART for special events - if you have an image in mind for yours, here I am.

Money Note: MOST, not all,  images at this site are potential donations. Ask me.  After transaction,  all normal guarantees still apply - repair/restore/replace, but NO REFUNDS on charity items, since the funds are gone to the charity. 
~ I hope you agree that this idea is a grand opportunity for all of us to show our best! 



JULY 2016   Fun fee gifts to those who caught me "en plein air" - the Sidewalk Artist sometimes gives free gifts. Lucky you!

JUNE 2016      CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SPECTACULAR SUCCESS of "Art For AIDS" on Saturday night - held at"ARTSPACE HARTFORD" in Connecticut USA, it won lots in every way!

MAY 2016    Close to my Heart - this year's favorite:

TAAF The Aneurysm AVM Foundation Run did very well in California again this year.   My "made for this event"  California Poppy art was part of the success of this , my favorite cause - to get the thing that got my husband delights me.   Full Story and links so that you can help, too

Again: ~ some recipients are not mentioned here. I respect donor and recipient preference on this point.