About the Sitemaking - an Artist's Process feb 19th

Both parents and children are Sci-Arts folk - with very nice and occasionally world class honors in it.   It was not so unusual for me to find solutions to my issues with technology.  I had done my first data processing before my daughter was born.

So when an accident disabled me suddenly, it just "happened"  - my son flew in and tossed me the renowned Apple G3 PowerBook - non-bronze.   And a world-class IT fellow, he was one of the best teachers a girl could want for basic code.    Not long ago his Dad and I attached and then removed  training wheels on his first bicycle.  And now he showed me Angelfire free templates to use and then remove the templates and do my own code when I was ready....my own "training wheels".   And soon ellefagan.com was purchased and celebrated its 17th birthday this February!      

My out of work and injured status disappeared - new focus kept me from obsessing on my injuries. I was  hooked on code!   I was doing new things and meeting the international art world and receiving tons of get well and don't give up wishes from all over the world!    A few weeks before I was looking at a wall, my life stopped and shocked that I could accept my injuries and their demands of me.   Therapy offline and a new world of art promotion online and fun with friends - lots of prayers and the old literary term, "Deus ex machina" took on a whole new meaning for me...and for millions of others.  "God from a machine" indeed!

The site healed the complications of the injury - burnout, and the confusion from the hotflashes that arrived at the same time...each day, organizing my site, restored my mind and spirit and brought new insights and inspiration for new art works and new venues for it locally offline evolved soon as well.


Ten years later, I have a following, my art at the White House and though I could no longer do the on site response work, I could help still and maybe better, donating the artwork for fundraising for "the kidz behind me" in the good work.

I cannot say "thank you" enough!  Instead of a wheelchair, the roadrace and a dance and world wide awards.  And best of all, healing and power to regain financial health in progress now.

And so down to work at the website left me laughing at its lessons :

  • BACKUP - do it

  • CODE TRUTH if it does the wrong thing, it means that YOU TOLD IT to do the wrong thing.

  • MENTAL HEALTH workout - data loss happens

  • EMPOWERING - your site is yours and you charm - visitors find you as they wish, unpressured.

  • LEGAL fixes - intellectual property online - do it and update it.

Thanks to ellefagan.com I am, every day - 

  1. Sharing the art and stories in a purely aesthetic sense

  2. Making the art available for purchase, online and off.

  3. Doing "Art with Heart" and helping the world with it

  4. Sharing related arts services.

These early lessons served, when some years later, just as I was upgrading to "UNdisabled status" my webhost sold to new owners who fried my site and my rescue fried my iMac!
So all was lost for some months as the entire thing had to be redone with new happy host  Squarespace.  And now after delays and setbacks I am able to restart the site promotion and sales.  What an adventure!