People Are Not for Hitting -Feb 24

Today, the New England Patriots won again and I am writing from Connecticut, so I guess Football clobbering must be exempt from the rule???

But this blog entry is shared here at the outset of Valentines season, to remind folk that statistics say that half the injuries to people in a couple, were inflicted by their romantic or marital partner in a moment of passion that went the wrong way.

At this Valentine season, look around and look within - make sure that the time and place for clobbering are kept in place.

I wrote this blog to make a statement for love in all its forms and against the opposite in all its forms.

Statistics are not good, still - even in 2019, some feel that to use and abuse are okay. It is NOT okay. It will NEVER be okay to abuse.

RECENTLY, however, it has been a beautiful thing to see court cases make very strong judgements in favor of the victims of assault and especially victimization of women. And now the leading cases cover abuse to citizenship, to the unborn, to the right to safety of citizens, and more. Thanks to ACTION on this subject, in the courts, ALL abused can walk their day’s path with one more solid bit of ground beneath their feet.

“People are not for hitting” - Famous persons who committed multiple acts of violence and did not see it as wrong, nor expressed remorse, are convicted and living much less privileged lives.

”People are not for hitting.” The phrase in my title was made famous In the 70’s book by Haim Ginnot, “Between Parent and Child” . It’s author introduced us to ways with people that work like magic and though written to help with children, those insights help me in my feelings and dealings with all people ever since.

The reason I refer to it is because so many still do NOT recognize the humanity of the woman or the child. Violence against women and similar intimate partner crime is still rampant, and perpetrator does not see it as a crime !

Here is a link from WHO , The World Health Organization has a brief overview of the still horrible statistics on the subject.

I worked lovingly and passionately and sometimes in partnership with my late husband in many of the new strong and wise Children’s projects, in the late 60s and throughout the 70s, and we LOVED every moment - and left off with it only to have two more of our own.

The idea is one of basic awareness that our love for people must remain a constant, even if some of the actions of the person need fixing…”You are terrific - staying up all night is not really terrific.” Separating the unworthy deed from the most-worthy person Works…..because that includes all of us….we all could use some tweaking , and the happy way with it make life a fine thing, indeed.

And when there is no answer, seek it lovingly.