'Preciate it! FEB 13

LOVE OF COMMUNITY - Injuries healed, grief recovery successful, time to go off hiatus for Elle Smith Fagan and her Art = so I joined the local Chamber of Commerce to get out a bit more normally and it’s a miracle of goodness - thank you all so much, so far!

Connecticut is home, family roots, and current home-base, but during the years in North Carolina with my late husband's Wellcome Foundation people, the expression "  'Preciate it! " was very popular.  

To be sure to “Appreciate it” is a vitamin - if we allow for that moment of appreciation for ourselves and others, or for the thing at hand.   It is actually a basic in the human equation but one that gets brushed over at times.

Added to the  many daily thank yous, bye for nows or goodbyes, most of us are left , at day’s end, with really nice food for thought.   To appreciate one another and our moment and the actions in those moments - YES.  All such moments tally up.

Today   " 'Preciate it"   is for my local Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce.

After a hiatus in my lifelong  arts business , sharing and selling the art take restart work and promotion.  CRV Chamber is really doing the magic trick for me, with a fine ribbon cutting today at its office steps - the area media attended and made it a lovely event and one of those who came to view it, bought some art!  Wow!   Thanks to the Chamber, pathway to the new dealer I need and active show/sell activity is falling into place as it should.

So I feel a good shoutout  "  'Preciate it ! " is truly deserved.   We are all busy and working well and beautifully, but we do NOT appreciate as we should if we fail to take that moment to do so.

Thank you so much CRV Chamber friends - your enthusiasm for me at meeting, your suggestions fo how we might work together for the good of the community and my business success was very quickly followed by meetings to give me the feeling of "team" and then this event with more on the agenda.   This Chamber is "All top stuff ! "    Thank you very much and I look forward to more and better!  

IN May here, there will be a nice "Glastonbury En Plein Air"  lead by me at a special wildly reduced price , to say "hello"  Click over for details and form and checkout for your buy in.
This is a fine town and our work with a show afterward if you like, will show it.

Thank you again - " 'Preciate it!"