A President Born on Flag Day feb 15


After one busy day, I came in from our son's  Scouts meeting, putting away the folded flag for the day and to my husband smiled wearily:  
"Old Den Mothers never die...they just always know when Flag Day is ! "    Today's NYTimes Flag Day story updates us on the subject.
... and now, I  will always know when it is President Donald John Trump's Birthday as well - since they share the June 14th  day !     Former Presdient Bush, a.k.a , "43" , celebrates his birthday on July 6th during the Independence Day Celebration.  

"Shirt off his back" - paper, water media, plexiglass 9x12in. 2017 © elle fagan

"Shirt off his back" - paper, water media, plexiglass 9x12in. 2017 © elle fagan

Wow!   If nothing else, the American Sprit draws some worthy leaders with fun coincidences !

My Godfather was a soldier with Corps of Engineers in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. Sarge " Brought 'em home alive", they said, about him and his men.   He hated all war, but "If we must fight, we must WIN!" was the slogan.   Till their last days, the American Flag flew at "The Little White House" family homestead.   I can see them, smiling , raIsing and lowering the flag as the "order of the day" commanded.   Uncle Bill in USACE veterean, in Connecticut,  from Dad's side of the family and Uncle Mike USMC WWII in Maryland,  from Mother's side would regale us with their repartee about whose flagpole was higher and who was "working too hard" at it all, or not.    When praised for their patriotism, they would often reply with the famous quote from General MacArthur: "Old Soldiers Never Die - they just fade away...."    and when my husband served Corps of Engineers as a commissioned officer with USACE as well, special ops, Black Diamonds, Viet Nam,  getting rid of Agent Orange,  they felt so honored and proud of him, and me, since  I saw my first wartime red cross work at that time.
God Bless President Trump and ALL our Presidents, in deep appreciation of their work for us.

  And one more flag-folding demo from me.   Please let's appreciate the miracle we are and share it in every good way!