Celtic Christmas

Growing up with seven Irish uncles , one dolly auntie, "The Chief" their Da and his Else our Grammie, who was the true power, there was exultation in the popularity of Bing Crosby and several others of the Irish persuasion and their take on the winter holidays - "White Christmas",  "Christmas in Connecticut" , "Christmas in Killarney" and more shared the grand heart with our fine-hearted family.  Sharing here, once more in their memory.    Bing-o sings it - click here!


Christmas In Killarney

The holly green! 
The ivy green! 
The prettiest picture you've ever seen! 
It's Christmas in Killarney, 
With all o' the folk from home! 

It's nice, ya' know, 
To kiss yer' beau
While snugglin' under the mistletoe! 
And Santa Claus
You know, of course
Is one o' the folk from home! 

The door is always open! 
The neighbors pay a call! 
And Father John, before he's gone, 
Will bless the house 'n' all! 

How fine it feels! 
To click yer' heels, 
'N' dance to the tune of the Jimson Reel! 
I'm tellin' you no blarney! 
The like' you've nivver known! 
It's Christmas in Killarney! 
With all o' the folk from home!

There really is a Killarney And its message still rings true! 
I hope to get there one day, But, for now, the song may do! 

Special thanks to Bing Crosby, whose American
recording of the song, above, was "Top40" in the '40's!
Photo above is of the Killarney Park Hotel
in "actual" Killarney, near Dublin and its airport.
find it online and visit...lovely! Spa! I do hope to get there!


Ireland's "Sacred Space" offers so much !  "Pray as you Go" and get the new APS for you mobile.

and ADVENT RETREAT FEATURE - "MESSENGERS OF JOY"  - a fine Christmas Preparation
There are also two "Chapels" - one for intentions in Life and one for Remembrance of those Gone.


One for the New Year          

"The Finest Music"


Fionn Mac Cumhail was a legendary Irish hero, urbane, cultured and cunning, 

who combined elements of warrior, seer and poet. 

In one story, Fionn sparked a debate when he asked his followers

what they thought was the finest music in the world. 

"Tell us what you think," said Fionn, turning to Oisin. 

"The cuckoo calling from the highest tree in the hedge," cried his jolly son. 

"That is a good sound," said Fionn.   "And Oscar," he asked, 

"what do you think is the finest music?" 

"The best music to my ears

is the ring of a spear on a shield," cried the sturdy lad. 

"That is a good sound," said Fionn. 


And the other champions told what

best pleased them: 

the bugling of a stag across water, 

the baying of a melodious pack heard from afar, 

the song of a lark, 

the laughter of a gleeful girl, 

or the whisper of a moved one. 


"Those are all good sounds," said Fionn. 

"Tell us, chief," one ventured, "what do you think?" 


"The music of what happens," said great Fionn, 

"that is the finest music in the world." 


James Stephens, Irish Fairy Stories 


May the "music of what happens" be sweet and light all year long !



 note: This is a serious update to my old, extensive Celtic things, so I apologize if ones you liked are not here yet. Suggest good ones you might like to see here, as well.  Happy Holidays!   elle.