White Snows of Winter 2017

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Wednesday November 8, 2017 evening.
Invited to join the farewell to one of our military divisions deploying today - I found the YouTube link to the song,  "White Snows of Winter"   and posted it at their place at Facebook, to send my heart to them all.

the song was  An old one from the Kingston Trio;  sings of the separation of loved ones . May they know happy reunions after their brave service.

We care for all these people, men and women, giving us their lives, right at the holidays - may we be worthy!  


So many years later, their story renewed memories of our own military days:   pride, commitment, fear, passion, devotion, more commitment, duty, response!

 our minds and hearts had it easier.   we grew up on the patriotic John Wayne movies and learned to believe we were doing the good thing in our loyalty and support of our land at war.   the idea of demonstrations of such violence against our own military was not known in my parents' time.    there was the daily impetus of  passionate patriotism. among everyone - We simply did support our government in general  and our soldiers , sailors and marines in particular - with our whole hearts and souls.    So I grew up feeling very proud of my country and NOT a friend to its enemies , here or otherwheres.   

Only later in life did I accept the fact that There have been times in our country when a war was very very unpopular ,   beginning with our war for independence.   Neighbor against neighbor in the matter was as bad as it gets , then repeated a century later in our civil war to end slavery and maintain the union.  And times afterward.     But when I was young, the "seven irish uncles" held sunday front porch meetings with the elderly "chief" at the head of the room, presiding.  I grew up thinking all americans were like them - passionately in love with our land, and ready to show it as needed.    all the able-bodied served and were very proud to do so.   Mother made ammunition at remington  arms in wwII and so , of course, at fort Knox, I joined red  cross, as a matter of course.

 During our own "white snows of winter"   Being the angel for my officer and gentleman seemed the only thing to do  - we laughed offthe  high fevers for both of us from  army base viral pneumonia  -  bragging we lost all that weight to look more svelte  for the photo ops at our Christmas Winter wedding, though we could barely walk across the room at first from it..

the next winter, our son was born  at Fort Knox - bringing him home on gray day that felt just fine, because he was our sunshine and we undaunted!     22 days later  we were back in Connecticut, and  winter deploying and hurry-up christening so Daddy could be there for it and then unspeakable fear I thought I hid well.    


And one more homecoming - the happiest one with our little family all home and safe and warm and medals won!  Proud to have served. 
 the indescribable holiness of home and loved ones, peacefully asleep so near,  once more!  

they still do not make words in English to say the words for the beauty of such days.   there was still this in my prayer, We earned OUR life together and we Would have it now.    Each day, giving and grateful for our path - helping in church and community and support for those who follow.  

I am widowed for some time now and fine and date and work and jog about , but I am not sad today because we really did our part well in work and love - and I still do -  and I am still fed by the goodness of the many lovely seasons warm and cool we enjoyed as a family - wonderful days  to make for ourselves and all within our reach.   

Thank you for that, life !  I am fine.