A Month of Valentines February 1

“felt-heart thanks” -esfY2K

“felt-heart thanks” -esfY2K

I promised one each day in February!
I need a longer month to accommodate the list of the valentines we could make and share about our loves.

I was told it was from my parents - Pisces and Libra, the Zodiac’s romantics. They were that and i remember being five, and thrilled with the love in our home and the good lights it brought to even boring chores! I am going to do that when I grow up, I thought, and did.

But it was also about our Great American Way - EVERYWHERE there was the happy wholesome social fun - Life was ALL ABOUT VALENTINES - planning , shopping, making , giving and receiving valentines! I’d save them till they were no longer save-able, the give them a decent burial or pretend I did not see Mother clean them away….there would be more and more to come! Everywhere we went, love filled the air and it was NOT a wild mess of a show or a limp-wristed whine but a wonderful clean and passionate expression of WHY we do a thing - the powerful love motive - not necessarily sex or martyrdom or any extreme, but the happiest healthiest love ! Our Forefathers came to America and LOVED the place and its possibiities. When a nation loses its sense of that love, it is soon TRASHED.

In my daily life, love empowers and works its miracle on every life, believer or not. Love is not about “belief” - LOVE IS.

As I get older, it boggles the mind - the number of times when a valentine thought word or deed saved the day and occasionally a life. I thank my parents, above all, for “the good talk” - they did not leave me to stumble around in it all. I asked them or they could see the thing needed a word. They cared that we should grow up with a right mind to steer our hearts wisely. Later on, I remember smiling as their words guided me in a grownup moment, to win the day. So grateful !

Mother’s love poems to my Dad - Dad’s huge Valentines cards and endless thoughtful treats for her, his Queen, come to mind easily, though they are both gone. We need the expression of all the good things, if we expect them to be real and alive. Our minds, even in youth can miss it altogether, as we aim for the day’s goals, but “putting it in writing” or in a picture, or a good deed - a tangible brings the virtual into the actual and makes it a part of us.

So I am sharing valentines here - still a worthy way to “make it real” , no matter how minimalist our lifestyle. They are even good for our health!

AND I DO ask for your love stories, too. Each entry touches on a unique kind of love and I hope inspires you to share your thoughts or stories, or a song , or a poem……as long as it is relevant and decent, it will post..

IF we talk more about the coming together and the sharing of the good things, we won’t be oppressed by evil as we are sometimes. Do it!

Best wishes! Be my Valentines !