She's just Seventeen! Today ! feb 2


Happy Birthday , this is your life:

I was Snapped suddenly out of my path as busy and happy arts/tech/civic worker -  girl, young lady, redcrosslady, wife, mother, widow:  one day a spinal injury demanded immobility - NOTHING in my life but the dead stop.  

My son in California found out and flew in and visited my Connecticut home -
He strode in and pronounced "My Mom's not going down from this."     Thank you so much, Peter John Fagan. He banged in with me and taught me website construction and set me up. He was world -class IT, and his Dad and I both science and tech and arts-friendly- and I did my data processing for stockbrokers when he was an infant. Smiling to see the result.

The site gave me new pathways for life and work, just when I thought it was all over for me.
Laughing to be unstuck from the trauma of my disability, I was doing a thing again,  at my own son’s tutelage, and then he had to return to his west coast job.

Unlike other disabled of my sort, my activities and the life they brought meant that the doctors did not feel I needed to be medicated…I was focused and fine.
Instead, I was safe, resting , taking therapies and up in the quiet , all night sometimes, with a new Apple G3 PowerBook and free website templates that helped me master basic coding - soon, hooked on code - I was coding a new life online and a venue for my honored work and life goals !    
And, in a nearly seamless transition to the company’s option to take the training wheels off and “just do it” - on February 2, in 2002, was born.

Because of the wonderful new way to do my lifelong arts business,  frightening pressures and fears from my accident and its traumas “Just disappeared”    Exhilarating and inspiring!  

However, when the web host sold to new people, they accidentally hacked my site  in the mess of changeover  in 2014.
What a mess they made for me, after all those years of happy partnership - ouch! Hey- that’s my website you just destroyed !  Worse, the new owners felt it okay . with the site out of commission, to use MY domain name to advert THEIR business !     Worst of all, the new owners would not forward me the backup copy of my site, always kept in the archives of the original owners.

No matter my pleas, they would not give me their copy of my site. I had to rescue copies of EACH INDIVIDUAL file from onsite, since my own hard drive backup only collected certain things, at that time - so frantically - my aging iMac fried!   Heavy sighhhhh.

I reported it to legal people  and the attorney got the naughty new host to pay a small penalty, and they also stopped the hacking, but online regulations somehow injured me more: since they broke into my things, they were frozen , sort of, for security reasons. I would be without my own domain for a few months and would need to wait till domain renewal time and then need to buy it again, and path to a new host with it ,  if it was available.  

The iMac was NOT fixable. So bought a keyboard for my iPad and found that YES….it would do the job for now, till I found the new computer I wanted. I will always be amazed at the job that iPad did ! SuperTrooper Prize always. I calmed down and found my new Desktop arrangement and Love it…components and MacMini and HDMI options - super …better than ever!

NEXT: I  found a wonderful new Webhost, "Squarespace" - purchased a new - interim-  domain thinking "okey dokey....if it was going to be harassment for innocent, let's see how is received."     If you did not like 5 from me …. take 10 and like it.

i was shaking and hurt and angry and alone again. I really missed the friendship that made the site work so easily and charmingly. Fortunately, it was November , I visited the domain people daily to be sure was stable and ok, and then bought back with gratitude and tears, on the following February 2.

Thanks to conscientious application, I was able to reclaim my own domain name and get online and get on with life.
 NEXT: I began the task of redoing my ten-year-old site at a new location, sifting through the pile of files from the old site.   A LOT of work and only part of the legal compensation I should have enjoyed.

YES , I did "Sow in tears! "  and…
YES…..reaped in laughter.

The new host is amazing - arts friendly and they have helped me update and upgrade with skill and I no longer need to do all my own code. This has given me time to handle other aspects of things with ease. If only they would find COOL IRIS…and add that to their amazing repertoire of arts software…ohhhhhh!

Well that's the story, so far, of !  

It’s time to shine it up and perfect some things and then compete for a prize or two soon. 

A real Adventure-girl of a tale for the Third Millennium!  

And both of us better for it in every way.   May the story inspire others to the journey as well !
Happy Birthday,

ONE THING REMAINS - the worst of the damage of the site hacking was that my 1700 visitors/ month just disappeared…..and for some reason, even with the new things, my visitors have NOT been what they should be. I am honored and prizewinning in my work and at it for a long time..something is still wrong….so ONNNN I go. Wish me luck!