Sixteen Candles for Today !

Happy Birthday - 17 candles at least!  Sto Lat and Faed Saol duit - long life to you ! , this is your life:

I was Snapped suddenly out of my path as busy and happy arts/tech/civic worker -  girl, young lady, redcrosslady, wife, mother, widow:  one day a spinal injury demanded immobility - just at menopause and adding to the confusion, suddenly,  getting across the room was work, and not obscene or profane, but praying about it, there remained NOTHING in my life but the dead stop.  

My son in California found out and flew in and visited my Connecticut home - a tiny but lovely "she-shack" as they call them, full of sunlight and quality fittings and pronounced "My Mom's not going down from this."     I sat UP.  

A world class IT pro, this was more than help with the dishes or taking out the trash my son was bringing.      Of course he owed me a car, but that's another story.   He'd been my buddy for projects in childhood and I was his money in those days - a lot.     Laughing to be doing a thing again, were up all night with a new Apple G3 PowerBook and free website templates.  Designed by entrepreneurial IT genius, Ivan Vachovsky, the Angelfire pages were set up like "training wheels" - one could simply fill in the blanks and and use the templates to easily achieve web pages.....orrrrrrr....opt to do one's own some places or the whole page.   Soon my list of skills included coding - hooked on code - doing it, joyfully,  up all night!    

Soon after that, I knew I could enjoy my own domain with ease, since Anglefire could host a paid domain as well - a nearly seamless transition and on this day in 2002, was born.

Because of the wonderful new way to do my lifelong arts business,  frightening pressures and fears disappeared:   I did not need to be medicated to calm down from the shock of sudden cessation of mobility and work - as many accident victims are.   We enjoyed site development and renewed artsales and , just when I thought my life was over, it took a wonderful upswing!  Exhilarating and inspiring!   For ten years, but then ...

My site is a child of my later life - so when the web host sold to new people and they accidentally hacked my site  in the mess of changover,  in 2014, I was very upset.  That's my baby!    Worse, the new owners felt it okay to USE my domain name to advert THEIR business !    Worst of all, in rescuing my files frantically, my aging iMac fried!   Heavy sighhhhh.

I reported it to legal people  and the naughty new host paid a small penalty, and stopped the hacking, but online regulations somehow injured me more - I would be without my own domain for a few months and would need to wait till domain renewal time and then need to buy it again, and path to a new host with it ,  if it was available.   This  was, of course, nonsense, but just back to a normal living space and work path after the disability, I was unable to carry the right clout to win "in the clinches".   

Until the renewal date, I babysat my domain name, watching for any further abuses and the small financial compensation was not enough, but it helped pay for the new computer, at least.  I will never be content with the way of it. In 2015 price tallies, there should have been at least one zero on the compensation.    But when I went back to achieve better, I was violently dealt with and had to temporarily let it be. 

That was three years ago.  I had injury and a close death in the family, and was not up to pursuing it sooner.  I am up to it now, but not likely to get anywhere on it- the issue and its validity timed out, I'll bet.

But "Triumph ! "  
I  found a wonderful new Webhost, "Squarespace" - purchased a new - interim-  domain thinking "okey dokey....if it was going to be harassment for innocent, let's see how is received."    

 I began the task of redoing my ten-year-old site at a new location, sifting through the pile of files from the old site.   A LOT of work - and I guess I did "Sow in tears! " 

 However... I could do wonderful NEW work and  the new site was much better in every way, I think.   The mess was a left-handed blessing:  the Squarespace folk are very arts-friendly and the site got a serious re-organization and streamlining and is almost in readiness for a few honors it may receive.   My injuries mended, a bereavement clear now, I will promote and promote the site and finally "reap in laughter", as they say in the bible.

Well that's the story, !     A real Adventure-girl of a tale for the Third Millennium!  And both of us better for it in every way.   May the story inspire others to the journey as well !
Happy Birthday!