Mothers Day 2018 - Glowing Feb 10

Funny Mothers Day this year - the first since the passing of our Mother, joyfully, at 92.   But I am May-born and a believer, and so I prayed and got busy and, at day's end today, I am glad I did.  A  day - even one day- is worth saving!    Able to think and remember all the Mothers Days, so far, along my timeline and looking for many more.

Grateful beyond words for the sunny days with two parents who cared and were bright and "up to something" all the time.  They had suffered and made it thru, so now, no bells and whistles should be omitted, to rejoice in the triumph and re-store ourselves, making good memories, to sustain us for the inevitable challenges ahead.   Their example made it possible for me to do really fine things as a mother later on. So many ways to be inspired in my girlhood and I am thankful for all of them

I remember Mama - the popular tv show with Peggy Wood in my littlegirl days, comes to mind:

  • Mothers Day, late 40s - Dad and I bringing breakfast in bed and dinner out, and flowers and treats to my Mother.

  • Mother and I visiting her Mother's gravesite and praying and placing flowers and then treats of comfort as we'd listen to Mother's story of Gram's life and passing.

  • Mothers Days in the 50s were more: First Communions were done on Mothers Days and first me and then my brother and later our sister filled the day in those years with God's special graces and excuses for fun and parties...and easy prayers.

  • Mother-Daughter dresses and maybe a bowtie to match for our brother made the other years as much fun or better, as we'd enjoy Church and special dinners and family gatherings at the homestead of my Dad and his many siblings, regaling the aging Gram and Gramps with true hearts. LIFE...this is what is about - all we do supports life.

  • Mothers Days in the 60s got tense - health fixes on all sides created money setbacks and worse at times, but , especially when challenged, we were sure to mark Mothers Day well...and soon...

  • My Handsome Prince and I married and off to war and back and our first , a son, born at Fort Knox, Kentucky, (where all the gold sources, but not as golden as his hair, then). And our party for the men's return from war ran so long into the night, that the Mothers Day visit to Gram's was surreal, with my first Mothers Day finding me in very dark sunglasses, blushing in shame for the over-party the night before.

  • Then in the 70s, off again to Corporate work in NY and North Carolina and into our stride as parents, with a pioneer BirthingRoom baby sister for our son. Once over the transplant shock, alll holidays were Heaven - we were so grateful to have survived wars and childbirth and jockeying for good work paths, that we gave every bit of us we could with hearts full of powerful love and gratitude! Each year we'd create for our little family, one more tradition to celebrate the modest happy us! Breakfast in bed, flowers, our favorite scent, dinner out and an outing "en famille" and singing "Yes - we're a perfectly ordinary, ordinarily perfect fammm-i- leeee!" from "Sesame Street" on the ride home.

  • Endless summer, followed by sudden winter found the children and myself on our own and grieving the loss of their Father, now in Heaven. We were so good all those years and I was powerfully proud of the children and twice-committed to their complete recovery because they earned it with their loving and feisty approach and cooperation in winning thru the challenge. We made every holiday a bit special with one idea or other , while holding onto each beloved tradition TWOTIMES for the setback, to be sure to restore it all. Mothers Days in the 80s-90s were a miracle - and easier every year, as the grief gave way to our waters running clear and strong again....and with the good fun never omitted.

  • Mothers Days at Y2K got confusing - we felt we were on an even keel again when life brought some new challenges and me disabled in an accident. From that point on, the relationship between me and our children seemed to veer from one extreme to another for some time, but still the feeling of bonding and more was easily there. All was soon made much better and fine again, but not for forever - again.

  • The unexpected happened: I recovered from injuries family politics and slander on a lady without a sin to her name, let alone any abuse or worse.....all things fine on all paths once more and the sun shining so nicely! Wow - great , came in, in all directions, including our children but soon after, they both married, with no word to me , living distantly and are currently honeymooning.

I am so very pleased at their finding a love for their lives, after the usual  "growth experiences" in dating and relationships!    After a lot of disorientation at their NON-traditional style, I went jogging again and am enjoying my life in many new ways and restoring business and income, with restored heart and soul, and fine friends who made the day JUST as special as ever! 

I think NEXT Mothers Day may see them showing up to show off their new selves and, though they are part of the trend to later marriages, I do hope they retained their great love for family and children and, if they cannot become parents in the traditional path, perhaps surrogate or adoption would work?  I know their way is grand. I know our challenges leave touchy spots, but for every loss there was recuperation and triumph, so I do believe in their future riches in heart and health, MY GIFT TO THEM ALWAYS - as their Dad would call it - "the good stuff".   

Mothers Day 1976 - Proud BiCentennials  Peter and Amanda being noble and good!

Mothers Day 1976 - Proud BiCentennials
Peter and Amanda being noble and good!