"The Goodstuff" - V.P.Fagan, Jr. feb 6

My late husband was literally a dream come true. I saw him in my minds eye one day and was committed to him from that moment on. When we met, I seemed to win the same response from him. Never a qualm, we paired better than APPLE peripherals and did well till his passing. I have that memory as food and fuel and glow and giggles and goodness in every way even when all else fails, like my angel.

He had a wonderful heart and soul and was a fine match for me - like me, he loved the serious work, so , no matter pressing he could be found always with a happy disposition about it. “The Goodstuff” was one of his favorited catchphrases when were young. In college days, he felt it spoke volumes:

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Saga of a Little WhiteHouse - page one- feb 11

Smith Family Fairfield Connecticut - Love Story

The watercolor here is one of  the little house that gramps bought for gram when they married - she was 4'10" and he 6'4" and for all 50 years there, gramps exulted in the fact that his arms and legs went out the doors and windows...couldn't care less... the little dolly house charmed him like the dolly he bought it for , and with additions to the family , additions to house happened in all directions - and so the poem and I hope you enjoy the read !   elle  

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Saga of a Little WhiteHouse - page two-feb 11


H"Sing the old songs, would you, While we snap the beans? 

Make the list for shopping... I'd better mend the jeans!" 

My favorite time with Grandma,  For stories she would tell

Of days before my memory, When she was quite the belle! 

And dances were life's heaven!  Feathers for the hair! 

Beaus in line on dancefloors, To woo a Lady Fair

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