A Month of Valentines February 1

I need a longer month to accommodate the list of the valentines we could make and share about our loves.

I was told it was from my parents - Pisces and Libra, the Zodiac’s romantics. They were that and i remember being five, and thrilled with the love in our home and the good lights it brought to even boring chores! I am going to do that when I grow up, I thought, and did.

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People Are Not for Hitting -Feb 3

“People are not for hitting” - Famous persons who committed multiple acts of violence and did not see it as wrong, nor expressed remorse, are convicted and living much less privileged lives.

”People are not for hitting.” The phrase in my title was made famous In the 70’s book by Haim Ginnot, “Between Parent and Child” . It’s author introduced us to ways with people that work like magic and though written to help with children, those insights help me in my feelings and dealings with all people ever since.

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Albina & Charlie Feb 4

I could write stories of the antics and delights and tragedies and sorrows and fights and wins and losses therein for one year. They were smart, loving, young and fun! All three of us wanted a LIFE because of their example. And that is what counts. Never did the day end without affection and care and began full of love and care as well, as we all got about our day! Father singing “Have I told you lately that I love you?” fixed everything, when it went off. Till time and partings changed them to friends only later in life with new spouses …still they loved and were there for us all - always.

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Siblings feb 5

I love my siblings now and always, though our good life paths got interesting and we have been often separated by time and space.  Love of God and Man ruled and every factoid of insight came through the love filter

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"The Goodstuff" - V.P.Fagan, Jr. feb 6

My late husband was literally a dream come true. I saw him in my minds eye one day and was committed to him from that moment on. When we met, I seemed to win the same response from him. Never a qualm, we paired better than APPLE peripherals and did well till his passing. I have that memory as food and fuel and glow and giggles and goodness in every way even when all else fails, like my angel.

He had a wonderful heart and soul and was a fine match for me - like me, he loved the serious work, so , no matter pressing he could be found always with a happy disposition about it. “The Goodstuff” was one of his favorited catchphrases when were young. In college days, he felt it spoke volumes:

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Art With Heart - feb 7

“Art With Heart” donates artworks outright to selected organizations. For all others the donation works like this: At time of purchase of art at this site: find the painting you like, then donate to your favorite charity and email a copy of the donation receipt. Amount of donation is deducted from your purchase : up to 50% !

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LoriStory - feb 9

"Chance made us Sisters, Love made us friends" 
I have one Sister, and love her very much! She earns it - USUALLY.
I know she remains an early and enduring valentine.

La Vierge, Virgo, her Storge, "best friends" love style tells her truth. I was firstborn, and bigsis…
She had just become a teenager when I married and moved away, We have been loving and interactive, and helped one another in work and play, and she is Godmother to our firstborn, and a fine Auntie to our second.

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Mothers Day 2018 - Glowing Feb 10

Grateful beyond words for the sunny days with two parents who cared and were bright and "up to something" all the time.  They had suffered and made it thru, so now, no bells and whistles should be omitted, to rejoice in the triumph and re-store ourselves, making good memories, to sustain us for the inevitable challenges ahead.   Their example made it possible for me to do really fine things as a mother later on.

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Saga of a Little WhiteHouse - page one- feb 11

Smith Family Fairfield Connecticut - Love Story

The watercolor here is one of  the little house that gramps bought for gram when they married - she was 4'10" and he 6'4" and for all 50 years there, gramps exulted in the fact that his arms and legs went out the doors and windows...couldn't care less... the little dolly house charmed him like the dolly he bought it for , and with additions to the family , additions to house happened in all directions - and so the poem and I hope you enjoy the read !   elle  

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Saga of a Little WhiteHouse - page two-feb 11


H"Sing the old songs, would you, While we snap the beans? 

Make the list for shopping... I'd better mend the jeans!" 

My favorite time with Grandma,  For stories she would tell

Of days before my memory, When she was quite the belle! 

And dances were life's heaven!  Feathers for the hair! 

Beaus in line on dancefloors, To woo a Lady Fair

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'Preciate it! FEB 13

To be sure to “Appreciate it” is a vitamin - if we allow for that moment of appreciation for ourselves and others, or for the thing at hand.   It is actually a basic in the human equation but one that gets brushed over at times.

Added to the  many daily thank yous, bye for nows or goodbyes, most of us are left , at day’s end, with really nice food for thought.   To appreciate one another and our moment and the actions in those moments - YES.  All such moments tally up.

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As usual with site-building code, I told it to do the thing it was doing; the page had done what I TOLD it to do! I told it to do the wrong thing and so it could not do the right thing. But fresh eyes at it after a short break worked:  I quickly spotted my the misdirection, and fixed it!  Ding! done! 

And that's America!   - At age 243, America is doing what we TOLD it to do, to a great extent, wherever it is not governed by other laws and UNlaw.

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A President Born on Flag Day feb 15

I  will always know when it is President Donald John Trump's Birthday as well - since they share the June 14th  day !     Former Presdient Bush, a.k.a , "43" , celebrates his birthday on July 6th during the Independence Day Celebration.  

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My Nineleven Story feb 16

 More than 5,000 dead.
"The September 11 attacks killed 2,996 people and injured more than 6,000 others. ...   Almost another 2500 have died, as of end 2013,  from related toxins on that day, including a dozen miscarriages of unborn.  

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About the Sitemaking - an Artist's Process

Both parents and children are Sci-Arts folk - with very nice and occasionally world class honors in it.   It was not so unusual for me to find solutions to my issues with technology.  I had done my first data processing before my daughter was born.

So when an accident disabled me suddenly, it just "happened"  - my son flew in and tossed me the renowned Apple G3 PowerBook - non-bronze.   And a world-class IT fellow, he was one of the best teachers a girl could want for basic code.    Not long ago his Dad and I attached and then removed  training wheels on his first bicycle.  And now he showed me Angelfire free templates to use and then remove the templates and do my own code when I was ready....my own "training wheels".   And soon ellefagan.com was purchased and celebrated its 17th birthday this February!      

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